The finished magnetized sign is comprised of three large sections. Perfect for applying and removing from the trolley on Saturdays.  
I was very happy with how the bright colors translated for the sign and definitely catch the attention of the public passing by.
Check out more details about the Tucson Trolley Tour here.

Full-width illustration of Tucson gems using markers. I stitched the three large sections together in Adobe Photoshop.

I sketched the artwork first then used bright markers to color this large landscape.

About Tucson Trolley Tours
Local guides help you find tons of the hidden gems that Tucson has to offer. Their goal is to take you from Tourist to Trailblazer so that after the tour, you"ll know where to go to find the things you'll love about Tucson.
Hidden Tucson Treasures
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When is the best time to go to the different Tucson attractions?
Where are the best wine-tasting rooms?
Why are the Ocotillo not cactus?
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