Julie Bonner is a creative entrepreneur who was always an artist at the core. She drew on any paper within reach and earned her first freelance logo project from a local pizza shop in high school while teaching tennis on the side. After earning her degree in Graphic Design from Drexel University and a Master’s in Business, Julie opened her own design business. She worked solely as a Fractional Creative Director and Adjunct Design Instructor for ten years.
When her son was ready to learn the alphabet, she wanted to teach him using inspiration from the surrounding Southwest wildlife. She created the Addy Award-winning Desert Dwellers Flash Cards by blending her fine art paintings with her commercial design expertise. Local teachers, parents, and grandparents use them to promote literacy and teach children about their environment.
She has also worked in-house and served as Art Director for Mister Car Wash and as Creative Director at Clear Channel Outdoor. Today, she is building the brand for FreeFall Aerospace. 
She was initially contracted as a contractor to develop their brand identity and marketing collateral, but it quickly became a full-time position for the company. Seven years later, she still connects customers to their satellite antenna systems through design, business, and creative strategies. 
Julie is on the Drexel University Alumni Board of Governors and is the Chair of Arizona Technology Council’s Women in the Workforce. She is also an adjunct instructor for Pima Community College, teaching design and business best practices and serving on their Digital Media Advisory Board. 
She volunteers for Creative MorningsLocal First Arizona, and Startup Tucson and has presented at TenWest, Phoenix Design Week, and the PRSA Western Conference.​​​​​​​
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