Rebranding HOPE, Inc of Tucson, AZ
This was a rebranding project for HOPE Incorporated. It is the only Peer-and Family-Run behavioral health and substance abuse Comprehensive Service Provider in Arizona. I had the pleasure of working with HOPE Inc's Lauryn Bianco and Valerie Stephens throughout this large rebanding project.
Old Brochure for HOPE, Inc.
This is one HOPE's old brochures that shows the old logo. They've been helping people in recovery since the 1980's as a grassroots organization.  The goal was to update their brand without changing it too drastically, but modernizing and capturing their vibe.
New Brochure Exterior for HOPE, Inc.
By using less text, including beautiful images, and laying out easy to read information - I transformed their brochure into a more approachable user-friendly informational tool. 
I worked with amazing Tucson photographer, Steven Meckler, to shoot photos of the members to use on the marketing materials. The photos captured how authentic and hopeful members are and how HOPE, Inc is really changing lives. 
Inside of New Brochure
HOPE provides so many beneficial services that their previous marketing material were overflowing with text. For the new brochure I only included the essential two sentences about each type of service. The website would include more in-depth information.
The Brand Roll-out
The new HOPE logo was embroidered on shirts and were debuted at their Grand Re-Opening!
Various business cards and magnets I designed for the employees at HOPE.
I designed fun circle stickers in English and Spanish that included HOPE's tagline and website.
Every day HOPE, Inc. is helping other people and I'm happy I was able to help them with their design and marketing materials.
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