Logo created for Wish List Hero, which helps nonprofits get the items they really need. My client, Heather Hiscox, is really fun to work with and I enjoyed designing this logo.
I chose to reference a list within the character and use a strong shield as the overall shape. The colors were chosen to be be a more sophisticated palette than what one might assume hero primary colors might be.
Front of postcard to inform nonprofits about Wish List Hero at a community event. The feeling to convey was approachable and an easy way to help others.
Back of postcard with more information about how Wish List Hero helps nonprofits.
My client wanted an easy to understand infographic she could send in the Wish List Hero e-newsletter. After sending this two new nonprofits immediatley signed up to be on WIsh List Hero's website.
This graphic can be repurposed on other social media channels to continue to show how fun and easy it is for people to help their local nonprofits using Wish List Hero.
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