This extensive campaign was to kick off the holiday festivities in the Cape Cod Shopping Community of Mashpee Commons. I enjoyed collaborating with Mashpee's Marketing Director, Krysten Kelliher.
I thought it would be fun to transform their main street into a gingerbread town square for the 2023 Holiday Campaign creative assets.
I created multiple print and digital assets based on the original art I digitally illustrated and designed. A few examples are below.
Social Media Holiday Campaign
Reference Photograph and Mockup:
The art I drew using Adobe Illustrator was based on creating a gingerbread street scene, using the actual Mashpee Commons street as my reference image. 
I used Adobe's Firefly AI tool to quickly mock up what the street would look like in the Winter before proceeding with the concept.
This is one of the various event posters for the Mashpee Commons Holiday Campaign.
I enjoyed creating a whimsical scene that captures the magic and fun of the many holiday events they hosted throughout November and December.
I created the overall design in Adobe Illustrator so that it could be easily modified for large printed banners, flyers, posters, and digital ads.
 I enjoyed combining my fine art and design skills to execute this creative campaign.
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