From concept to completion I loved making these desert animal flash cards for children. Desert Dwellers Flash Cards include the 26 letters of the alphabet with my painting of desert wildlife.

Today these educational and fun cards sell at these retailers.
Each card contains fun facts and stories about each desert animal. The whole set as a consistent look and is perfect to teach young kids to appreciate unique animals while learning the alphabet.
Preschoolers and elementary kids love the colorful artwork on Desert Dwellers Flash Cards.
I really enjoyed the process of designing the box. I experimented making different types of boxes. I would host play-dates to get feedback from my fellow Moms and their kiddos. You can see on the right, I created a die-cut that would show which letter was next in the box.

I also added fun questions on the inside to encourage playing games with the flash cards. Parents like the fact that the whole set is compact and can easily fit in a purse, glove compartment or in a stocking for the holidays!
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