Design and illustration for Life Along the Streetcar.

Founded in 2017, Life Along the Streetcar’s mission is to facilitate a community conversation about the redevelopment of Tucson’s urban core. Focusing on social, cultural, & economic events impacting those who live, work and play in Tucson’s urban core. Listen to us on 99.1 FM.
BEFORE: The old artwork...
NEW: Illustration and Design

I illustrated the streetcar in downtown Tucson. I used pencil and various gray markers to create landscape art. Then I used watercolors in Adobe Photoshop and added the typography.
Each and every Sunday morning, Tom Heath records his radio show,
Hear news and events affecting Tucson’s Urban Core, along with interviews by movers and shakers in the area. Learn about new businesses popping up in Downtown Tucson, and how Tucson plans to grow while still retaining its indigenous roots. Leave with a better understanding of where Downtown Tucson is going and who is taking it there!

Banner for Life Along the Streetcar hanging at Hotel Congress in Tucson, AZ

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