Client Background: Dr. James Anderson, a highly skilled dentist, has leveraged his extensive medical background and training to expand his services into the med spa industry. His comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy and esthetics ensures that the treatments are effective and safe. Working with him was a pleasure, as his dedication to excellence and patient care was evident throughout the project.

Services Highlight: Facial Esthetics of New Mexico offers a holistic approach to facial esthetics, utilizing a range of advanced treatments, including:
• Botox
• Dermal Fillers
• Smooth PDO Threads
• Lifting PDO Threads
• Cosmetic Dental Options
These services enhance the desired look and promote overall facial esthetic balance.

Dr. James Anderson, Facial Esthetics of New Mexico

Brand Identity Development:
Logo Design:
• Created a modern and elegant logo that embodies the sophistication and advanced technology of the services offered.
• Incorporated soft, soothing colors to evoke a sense of calm and trust.
Typography and Color Palette:
• Selected a clean and professional font to ensure readability and elegance.
• Developed a color palette with soft mauves and grays and blues.
Visual Elements:
• Designed visual elements that show a beauty and thoughtful aesthetic.
• Integrated imagery of a woman that showcases the results of the treatments, emphasizing natural beauty and confidence.
Outcome: Facial Esthetics of New Mexico's new brand identity effectively communicates its commitment to excellence in medical spa services. The cohesive brand elements create a solid and memorable impression, positioning the company as a leader in facial esthetics and promoting trust and confidence among its clients.

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