In 2017, FreeFall Aerospace, a new space startup and spin-off company from the University of Arizona, began developing innovative antennas for satellite communications.
Led by CEO Doug Stetson, previously of NASA JPL, and Chris Walker of the University of Arizona, their existing brand did not reflect their expertise and the new antenna technology.
The leadership team was attending an upcoming conference and needed a professional brand identity and suitable marketing materials. 

Due to my extensive experience with branding and design, Tech Launch Arizona recommended my services to FreeFall.
I met with the CEO and discussed the company's vision for the future. 
Immediately, I led market research, learned more about the space industry, and began sketching creative concepts.
My initial sketch consisted of two capital F's that were angled to mimic a signal like Wi-Fi.

After fine-tuning, I chose sans-serif fonts that felt modern and were legible in small sizes, like mission badges. I also worked on a color palette that was clean, futuristic, and looked powerful on a dark background. 
Pictured, you'll see both the final vertical and horizontal logos I designed in Adobe Illustrator.
From there, I worked on creating a custom folder with impactful one-sheets for potential customers at the trade conference.
The project was a success, and FreeFall Aerospace hired me as a full-time to lead their creative and communication strategy. 
I have rolled out the brand in various print and digital applications.
Website Design + Creative Direction
I built the FreeFall website using WordPress and custom plugins. The logo, color palette, and design elements remain consistent throughout the site. It is a place for potential customers to learn more about FreeFall's innovative antennas for satellite communications.
I hired and worked with local vendors to produce the animations and videos. These interactive elements show the technology in use, and explainer videos are frequently updated on the news feed.
Social Media
FreeFall's Identity in the Office, Apparel and Space!

The conference room is branded and provides a professional backdrop for virtual meetings and videos.

FreeFall's logo went up 160,000 feet above New Mexico. This image was filmed using a GoPro.

Interior and exterior FreeFall Aerospace Brand

Mural by Julie Bonner and Ashley White

FreeFall Aerospace HQ in Tucson, Arizona

Learn more about FreeFall Aerospace.
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